PoP Filters is a 100% Italian firm whose work is based on a very simple and essential operating philosophy: Quality first. The highest quality of raw materials used to manufacture our products is the first and main parameter of our work, which cannot but lead to the same final highest quality of any product introduced on the market with our PoP Logo. Obviously, reaching the highest quality level is mainly based on careful research about manufacturers, machines, production processes, materials and manufacturing professional skills – which are all elements to be considered by now fundamental for PoP Filters during the study of every new product. Its' a long and complex study requiring our R&D Department professionals the greatest part of their creative power and energies, but which is also a main step of our manufacturing process. “Quickness” is to PoP Filters too dangerously close to “superficiality”, which is far from our working values. A quite challenging choice no doubt, but one that at the moment we can proudly reaffirm. More and more customers every day decide to entrust us with their confidence by choosing to buy PoP Filters products, backing up matter-of-factly the success of our philosophy.

Many European and international certifications can attest the quality of our products, also in those cases where they wouldn't be needed obligatorily by commercial laws. Condoms, paper filter tips and acetate filter tips, BIO version filter tips, rolling paper booklets, cardboard boxes and plastic cups can testify their absolute quality level through a whole range of detailed and scrupulous certifications, which are the result of a business ethics always aimed at offering only top quality products.

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